• A documentary about the sustainable development goals in South Africa through the lens of interfaith


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    What is it about?

    Samir Akacha is an independent filmmaker based in France. Earlier this year, he started a video production company in London, Lonas Media LTD, dedicated to the production of documentaries. Currently, he is working on a documentary project in Cape Town, South Africa.


    After a world tour he made in 2015-2016 with 3 fellows from Coexister, the French interfaith youth movement, documenting more than 400 interfaith initiatives in 32 countries, including South Africa, he joined recently the Anna Lindh Foundation via its youth debate program, Young Med Voices.


    Meeting initiatives and people invested in the civil society around the Mediterranean, he got interested in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations to reach by 2030.


    In the recent years, Cape Town suffered dramatically from the first appearances of Climate Change, possibly becoming the first major city to run completely out of water. Recovering from years of Apartheid and social inequality, it was the scene of destructive and deadly riots just a few months ago.


    With an active interfaith ecosystem, it seems that Cape Town is the perfect place to study all the implications of Climate change, social and economical justice, human rights and how the civil society faces those global challenges thanks to innovative collaborations and solutions.


    Through this documentary, he hopes to participate in raising awareness towards the most pressing challenges of our time, and help inform the general public as well as activists around the world about the struggles of the South African society and the creative solutions that emerged, which could be replicated elsewhere.


    With a focus on the interfaith ecosystem, the goal is to show how diversity is a strength and how smart collaboration between people and communities from different spiritual, ethnic and socio-economical status can trigger a concrete change and help build a future desirable for all, in balance with Nature.


    The documentary is in the preparation phase, with a video shoot scheduled for 3 months in late August 2022, and a first cut of the documentary available in early 2023.